About Us

Our Mission

"Tweakit is a simple ambition - we set out to try and help do our bit to change life for the better. Little changes to our everyday lives that can help each of us, our families and our planet - not just today but for future generations".

Ben & Anna - Founders


We’re a community of people, who also believe in embracing the power of small. Tiny actions have a significant impact and Tweakit makes small changes easy. Tweakit is an attitude, community, resource and product with our main focus on supporting the environment with small changes that we can all afford to make. We’re tuned into the reality of life, the need for convenience, affordability, things that make life easier and where possible, a little more fun.

  • Pour it

    Add warm tap water up to the fill line of your Forever bottle.

  • Mix it

    Open refill tube and pour contents into your Forever bottle.

  • Shake it

    Replace lid and shake to activate, allow to stand for 30 mins.

  • Use it

    Pump finished product into your hands. Enjoy!