The Science

Tweakit was born out of a desire to raise the bar in premium, high performance and responsibly made beauty. Our pioneering hair and body products combine best-in-class natural actives, contemporary trichological and skincare science, plus progressive sustainable practices. The result? Forward-thinking formulas that leave your skin and hair looking and feeling incredible while minimising your environmental footprint.

Safe ingredients

Our cruelty-free, vegan formulas are proudly free of sulphates, silicones and parabens, meaning they’re kinder to skin and hair as well as the environment.

UK Beauty Experts

Over 30 years of trichological and skin science specialism goes into every Tweakit formula. Our products are designed, tested and produced by a UK-based partner chosen by us for their wealth of formulations expertise, natural ingredient experience and sustainable sourcing principles. Processes such as steam distilling, cold-pressing and water or glycerine extraction are used to create the specific extracts we use and concentrate their action so that they perform better than they would in their natural form.

High performance, natural personal care with no compromise on our planet

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Our filler-free promise

Beauty products, even those at the luxury end of the market, are notorious for their heavy use of water and unnecessary, synthetic fillers and thickeners. You end up needing more product, discard multiple bottles each month and still aren’t always satisfied with the results. With Tweakit, every ingredient we include has a benefit for your skin or hair.

Waterless wonder

Our bid to minimise single use plastic waste means we ship precisely measured, powder-based products direct to your door ready to simply mix with water in your reusable Tweakit bottle. 99.9% less shipped weight, 94% less CO2 emissions, zero plastic household waste each month, yet the same silky-smooth, pleasurable products in your shower.


  • Light, silky-smooth formula
  • Gently cleanses and enhances shine
  • Conditions as it cleans 
  • Suitable for coloured and chemically-treated hair
  • Soothing on sensitive scalps 
  • Protects from UV induced damage
  • Plant-based, synergistic preservation system



  • Velvet-soft, cream conditioner 
  • Detangles, tames and restores manageability 
  • Weightlessly nourishes and enhances shine
  • Smooths and softens 
  • Boosts body and volume
  • Suitable for coloured and chemically-treated hair
  • Soothing on sensitive scalps
  • Plant-based, synergistic preservation system

Body Wash

  • Nourishing, coconut-based cleansers 
  • Light, silky-smooth formula
  • Gently cleans, refreshes and softens
  • Boosts skin condition 
  • Soothing on sensitive skin 
  • Plant-based, synergistic preservation system